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Guild Info

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The Guild of Healers, Physician and Surgeons is one of the most respected and beloved guilds in all Erdreja. After all, everyone likes a healer (or physician - an often overlooked art which the guild makes extra effort to give equal standing). The Healers Guild, as it is better known, acts in the role as caretakers of the well being of life in Erdreja. This means that this guild is perhaps the most closely aligned to the factions, working under strict rules of neutrality to ensure that all the factions have competent healing support. More than this, the guild offers a friendly home and refuge for healers and physicians to relax, study, have a drink and practice their arts. It is often said that a good healer is one who knows who all the other healers are and so the Healers Guild operates as a network hub for healers across all the factions. This also lends the guild a reputation as of one of the biggest gossip shops in all Erdreja.

A vocal and sizable minority of Heartlands people mistakenly believe the Healers Guild to be the "Channellers' Guild", and certainly channelling from the plane of life forms a crucial centre to medicinal practice within the guild and across the nations. But the Healers Guild absolutely condemns the practice of corruption and necromancy within its ranks, much to the chagrin of many who favour the dark arts. The Healers Guild has two reasons for this position: first that the guild is for those who practice the remedial arts and any metaphysical similarities between corruption and healing is inconsequential compared to the desire to maintain good medical practice; and secondly, and perhaps of more important, many factions would not tolerate any change in the guild's main ethos.

Dr Death performing Surgery

Lifemaster Doctor John Tapper,
Grand Master

The Grand Master of the Healers Guild is Lifemaster Doctor John Tapper. Doctor Tapper (or Tap to his friends) has a curious list of accolades. He is a veteran healer who has been knighted three times for leading healing contingents through various campaigns. He is well known for his research work and has published numerous works. But he is perhaps best known for his bardic talents and has been honoured as a Dragon bard as well as receiving a record number of awards from Bards Guild competitions.

Lifemaster Gunther Touch

Gunther Touch is the paragon of the humble healer and honest soldier. Although his accomplishments are many, he is loathe to talk about them as he always recognises the role of his comrades particularly those who have sacrificed their lives for a higher cause. He is a highly respected member of the healing community. A respect that was epitomised by his swift rise to the position of lifemaster.

Born in Norsca, in a small village on the coast, south west of Odinsheim, Gunther Touch (Gunner Taka in his native tounge) had an extensive career as a member of the wolf army. Following the cataclysm, he joined the Healers Guild. It was shortly thereafter that he discover he had a keen diagnostic mind and joined the college of Diagonostic Medicine of which he quickly became the Dean.